Meta was headline news when it was first announced to the world. The idea behind the platform is to create a fully virtual space, allowing people to socialise, communicate, work, and shop without having to leave their homes. While the idea itself is arguably not a bad one, especially as technology continues to advance, many feel that one of the reasons it won’t find success is due to the fact that Facebook is behind the upcoming platform, a social media empire that has been littered with countless criticisms, controversies, and lawsuits.

With the recent crash in the stock market, more and more people are starting to doubt just how successful Meta will be in the long-term. Here we will explore some reasons as to why it might never become a significant part of the digital space.

Facebook Is Starting To Fail

Ever since its creation, Facebook has been a true force on the internet, growing at unprecedented numbers and reaching around 2 billion users at its peak. But for the first time in its 18 years, the numbers are starting to go down. Part of this is major distrust on behalf of the userbase; more users than ever are deleting their accounts and moving over to different social media platforms. Facebook, now officially part of the Metaverse, has been endlessly twisted in lawsuit after lawsuit, and it’s not something that is going to give up any time soon. It’s believed that as the younger generation continues to move away, Facebook will have a more difficult time covering its operating costs.

Privacy Problems

Facebook uses targeted advertisements to make money, and it’s a system that has worked extremely well, making it one of the most profitable ventures in modern history. But the ads themselves are built on selling user data, and the company has become more and more intrusive over the years. They collect everything they can about a user, including all of their personal details, and combined with the multiple data leaks that they’ve been a part of, it makes sense that people are distrustful.

Developer Loss Of Faith

Another reason that Meta might see further failures is down to a lack of software developers. While the company has always attracted talented individuals, more developers are starting to actively avoid working for Facebook, with many saying it’s a “black mark” on their careers. In fact, it’s now reached a point where Facebook has had to substantially increase their salary offerings in a bid to try and bring more developers into their employ, but whether it affects Meta in the future is difficult to tell, affecting the services available, such as what kind of New Zealand online casino sites are offered, among other things.

In Its Infancy

Meta is still many years from being available to the public, and right now remains more of a pipe dream than anything else. It’s being called a huge gamble on Zuckerberg’s part, and some believe that it’s a gamble that simply won’t pay off, especially as users lose trust with the company. By the time it has been realised, the overall number of users might be too low to see any profits.

Last modified: February 7, 2022