Even more the most hard-to-please tech lover out there, there’s the perfect birthday gift just waiting to be discovered.

Instead of gifting socks or soap-on-a-rope, why not try one of our superb birthday gift ideas for that special gamer or gadget lover in your life.

Below are just some of our favourites trending right now.

Beer Dispensing Done Right

Since drinking beer from a bottle is so last-birthday, gift them with a portable tap beer dispenser by Fizzics. Frothy, smooth beer is for every day of the year, after all.

And best of all: it’s cordless. Be sure to throw a couple of AA batteries into their birthday bag for instant gratification.

Find it at Amazon.

Self-Cleansing Water Bottle

This one’s from LARQ and is surprisingly high-tech for a water bottle.

Thanks to built-in nontoxic technology, this special bottle sanitizes not only itself, but also the water inside it.

Also, it’s available in a range of exciting colours, and will keep liquids hot as well as cold for up to 12 and 24 hours respectively.

Find it at Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Pro Tech Toolkit

This has got to be the ultimate gift for any tech lover and tinkerer of gadgets.

The set contains every tool they’ll ever need, including opening tools and 64 screwdriver bits.

And it’s all packed up nicely in a nifty case made of polycarbonate, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get it from makers iFixit Pro or Amazon.

The Rubik’s Connected Cube

This one’s a smart take on the old classic and makes for a striking birthday gift option.

The Rubik’s cube connects via Bluetooth to a smart device and can teach anybody how to solve the classic 3D puzzle. Also, players get to connect and compete with fellow Rubik’s Connected Cube owners.

Find it at www.getgocube.com

The (Immortal) Smart Garden 

This one’s the perfect gift for anybody who has ever wanted to, but struggled to, keep a herb garden alive.

In the box you’ll find a planter base, a built-in water reservoir, an LED light for supplying mock sunlight, and a handful of basil starter pods.

Get it from Amazon or Nordstrom.

The Wind-Resistant Umbrella

Blunt Metro’s wind-resistant umbrella is in a league of its own.

Available in a variety of colours, the umbrella is resistant to wind thanks to its ribs of fibreglass and its canopy of high-quality, water-resistant fabric.

Also, it’s safe for fellow runners-in-the-rain and for playing at casino mate on the go!

It’s available from Amazon.

Last modified: February 14, 2022