The global pandemic changed many aspects of the modern world, but perhaps one of the most heavily impacted is the office environment. Hundreds of millions of office workers around the world suddenly found that they were no longer able to go into the office and had to instead shift their work to their home, and for the most part it’s been a resounding success.

A home office won’t always be as practical as the conventional office, but there are some useful gadgets and tools that a person can buy and install to improve their overall workflow. Here we will look at the best gadgets around for better productivity.

Beam Smart Projector

A projector is a valuable tool to make use of in the home office, whether it’s for working on graphs, presentations, or even just watching the odd movie every now and again. One of the most versatile projectors on the market right now is the Beam Smart Projector, which can project an image on to just about any flat surface imaginable. The projector can be controlled by an app that the user can download on their smartphone, allowing them to play slides or other documents.

Doxie Go

When we no longer have access to the large, industrial-grade scanner/printer combo, we need to find a different method of scanning our important documents. Instead of investing in an expensive scanner that takes up a lot of space, a much better idea is to instead opt for something small, portable, but still extremely portable.

The Doxie Go ticks all of these boxes, offering a powerful scanning solution that can be set up easily on most workspaces. It requires very little in terms of overall set up, and thanks to its internal, rechargeable battery, it can run even when there’s no power. It also holds enough charge to perform up to 400 scans in a single charge.

Everlast Notebook

There are a lot of people that prefer to take their notes the old-fashioned way, by making use of pen and paper, but this can pose a problem when they want to upload their notes to their computer. The Everlast Notebook solves this problem by allowing the user to automatically upload the notes and sketches that they make directly to their device. Using the specialised pen that comes with the device, everything that is jotted down can be uploaded using the handy app that’s part of the package, making uploads easy and convenient.

Smartdesk Mini

Scientists have found numerous benefits to standing while working or playing the games available at

But buying a standing work desk can quite an expensive affair, which is where the Smartdesk Mini comes in. Designed to be robust but also extremely practical, not only does the Smartdesk Mini offer the ability to work while standing, but it’s also portable enough to take it just about anywhere. Not only that, but it works for both laptops and desktops, making it a great investment for those workers that are tired of sitting all day.

Last modified: October 18, 2021