While automation may feel as if it’s only now beginning to create whirlwinds all around us, the truth is it’s been around for a very long time in the workplace. Up until very recently, automation has largely been performing those humdrum and commonplace tasks humans shy away from so readily and eagerly.

But that’s all starting to change, not only for automation, but also for other fields of technology like Artificial Intelligence and brain-computer boundaries.

Even so, a new age of technology doesn’t necessarily mean the end of human involvement in the workplace as we know it. As we enter a future turned Topsy-Turvy by all sorts of developments seemingly beyond our control, we may very well find ourselves inward-turned once more, and to a much larger extent than we’d ever have dared to imagine.

Below are just some of the jobs we could expect to encounter in the future. And while they’re all very much based on modern-day advances in technology, the future is likely to remain a quintessentially human endeavour in every way that matters.

The Licensed Autonomous Driver

While an autonomous vehicle driver might seem to be something of an oxymoron, we’ve far to go before driverless vehicles become truly autonomous.

Right now, all autonomous vehicles are required to have a specialist engineer on board. This is someone who is able to steer and operate the vehicle should something go wrong or cause it to veer from its “beaten path”. And since this particular situation isn’t due to change anytime soon, and even more so when talking public transportation and shuttle-rides, the world is going to need operators for driving those vehicles supposed to be steering themselves for many more years to come.

AR Life Designer

With so many humans so very eager to escape the realities of daily life by making their way into an alternative way of existing and being with the help of the internet and Augmented Reality technology, it’s only a matter of time before humanity starts to call on the services of someone specialising in creating a “life away from life”.

Such an expert would have to be not only a technology buff, but also have an in-depth knowledge about the human condition.

Help Me Train My Brain

With brain-computer interfaces now turned reality, it’s only a matter of time before folks start looking for someone capable of helping them to train their brain. Enter the personal brain trainer of the future.

Such a person would have to have a solid working knowledge of applications like NextMind, Neurable, and Neurosity, not to mention a degree in computer science.

Chief Empathy Officer

Possibly the best thing about the future of computing is that it will allow us to well and truly step into the shoes and reality of another human being.

As we enter an all-new reality of a digitally altered world mainly because of many of us working remotely instead of from a central office space, we’re going to need all the empathy we can get with adapting to whatever this may mean for daily life in the future. And who better to help us make the transition than someone who is able to bridge the divide between productivity and workplace happiness?

Someone called the Chief Empathy Officer.

Last modified: October 11, 2021