Google has been teasing the release of Android 12 for a few months now, and a beta version of the mobile operating system has already been live for a few devices. While Android 11 was very much focused on the refining many of the features that were introduced into the iteration before it, the new Android 12 looks to take everything to an entirely new level.

This means a huge set of new features, additions, and more to make the Android experience that much better. For those that are excited about Android 12 and everything it has to offer, these are the best features that are worth looking forward to.

Material You

The biggest feature that Google has been promoting is Material You, which is a redesign of the entirety of Android’s theming system. Here, the colours of everything can be changed dynamically, such as a change of the wallpaper or opening specific apps. It’s still in testing phases, but from what some users have been saying, it’s a welcomed change that makes the device feel more personal.

At the moment the colour theming of the phone will be tied in with the wallpaper being used, but it’s believed that at some point, apps will begin to offer the same tie-in, as long as there are willing developers who will make use of Material You.

Better Device Control

Android 12 also promises to give the user more control of their other devices. One of the latest announcements is the ability to control a car using the phone, something that was strictly on an app-only basis beforehand. On top of this, more control can be exerted over connected devices, such as Bluetooth headsets, Chromebooks, and more. It seems that once again Google is taking a lot of inspiration from Apple, refining the feature-set even more, as they’ve done with other features in the past, such as gestures.

Better Overall Performance

The latest Android 11 is by no means a slouch, especially when paired with powerful hardware. But improvements can always be made, and Google has promised that Android 12 users can expect even more from their devices, whether it’s for 3D gaming or the latest online casinos in NZ.

One improvement will be seen in CPU usage, where Google has said that system services will be getting roughly 22% more efficient. There will be some degree of device-specific performance increases, and it’s been confirmed that developers will have to make sure that their apps in tandem with the new improvements according to the kinds of devices that they hope to develop for.

User Privacy

Privacy has become one of the biggest talking points in the tech industry over the last few years, and most eyes have turned to Google, which is one of the largest data-harvesting companies in the world. One big move that the company is making in the right direction is introducing a native Permissions Manager into Android 12 that will give users the ability to see which apps and services have permissions to which parts of the phone.

Last modified: November 23, 2021