Nothing is better than staying up to date with the latest nifty gadgets and high-tech items as they come out, though often they’re priced out of most people’s average monthly budget. This list, however, covers some of the latest technology gadgets that are not only useful but are incredibly affordable too.

  1. Nothing Ear

Everyone wants a pair of wireless earbuds, to enjoy listening to music on the go. While airpods are considered to be the top-range item, the Nothing Ear has shown great promise in unseating the reigning favourites.

With endorsements from tech gurus like Tony Fadell (the iPod inventor) and a wallet-friendly price to boot, there’s definitely an appeal for those who are after a premium experience. They come with a range of customisable features like adjustable noise-cancelling controls and being water and splash proof.

  1. Zephyr PRO RGB gaming mouse

Anyone who’s been engaged in a tense MMORPG situation, worked in a building without AC, or has been repeatedly on a tight research deadline, is likely to understand the vast appeal of owning a mouse which has a built-in cooling option for sweaty palms.

The Zephyr PRO RGB gaming mouse is the ideal gaming – and writing – mouse option in all situations, since it comes with a built-in fan that barely makes a whisper as it works. The honeycomb design of the mouse ensures there are plenty of outlet options for the fan to blow onto your palm. It is, in short, a heaven-sent piece of tech that will see you through any sweltering situation.

  1. Wyze Night Light

Ever wish you had a motion-activated night light in your house to avoid tripping over Lego, or the cat? Wyze have provided just that with their built-in motion sensor night lights. As you walk past, the lights activate and gently illuminate their surrounding area – and if you purchase more than one, you can synch them so when one activates, they all do.

This is a boon to pet owners and new parents who don’t want to turn on every light in the house just to grab a glass of water from the kitchen after dark, or to find their phone to enjoy gambling online in NZ. The lights have a built-in battery, light sensor to shut down at dawn, and they’re a breeze to install since they snap magnetically into a frame that attaches to the wall. These features make them not only ideal for those who own their own homes, but also for those who rent.

  1. Calmer Earplugs By Flare

While annoying noises like car alarms are an accepted part of modern life, one company thinks they can reduce the discomfort they cause. Flare have created the world’s first noise reducing audio specialised earplugs which block distorted frequencies between 2,000-8,000 Hz.

This is done by changing your eardrums shape when the earplugs are inserted, leading to less overall noise-induced headaches, feelings of stress, and will relieve ear fatigue. Reviews for the product rave about the success users have had – and an unexpected benefit for some tinnitus sufferers is that it seems to stop the constant ringing which they suffer from.


Last modified: February 28, 2022