The coming year promises to be an exciting and unpredictable one in the tech industry. New start-ups are cropping up all over the world with interesting new ideas and inventions to showcase.

Keeping up with the tech industry is an arduous and almost impossible task, so instead of keeping your eyes open throughout the year, this list will provide you with everything you need to know about upcoming tech trends in 2022.

The Expansion of 5G-6G and Satellite-based Internet Usage

Internet availability and reliability have become more important than ever for individuals and companies alike as the pandemic has ravaged the working world since early 2020. Working remotely has become commonplace since the start of the pandemic and does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Even though 5G is still in its beginning stages, experts predict that we will see an increased focus on 6G as early as 2022. China and the US have been spearheading research into 6G since 2018 and testing satellites have been launched by both countries in the race to see who can make 6G accessible to the public the fastest.

It won’t be long before we have 5G and 6G connectivity at home, to look forward to.

Exponential Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Whether we like it or not, AI has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Our phones ensure online personalization by taking our interests and recommending products, ranking advertisements, and understanding what we would like our online experience to be.

In 2022 we will begin to see the application of AI methods such as these in far more settings than online advertisements and social media. Cloud computing experienced massive growth in 2021 and that will continue in 2022 with the cloud entrenching more computing workloads in the coming year.

NFT Platforms

What is a non-fungible token? That was the question many in the tech sphere began asking in late 2021. An NFT is a digital object – computer code that conveys ownership in something, whether it be art, music, data, etc.

NFT sales and marketing have become a legitimate business model for many who operate in the tech and online sphere and have become a nice avenue for online creatives to make real money from their work. The NFT game will continue to grow and boom in 2022. NFT’s have officially become part of the digital economy.

The Metaverse

Perhaps the most talked-about idea in late 2021, Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is set to shine in 2022, during its infancy stages.

It’s difficult to define exactly what the Metaverse is or will become, at this point but what we know is that it will incorporate social media, online gaming and other activities like those available at, augmented reality, VR, and cryptocurrencies so that users can conduct daily life through the virtual space.

The Metaverse will be hugely immersive and when public users are allowed to connect and begin their projects and work the virtual world that is promised by Zuckerberg will being to blossom and grow right before our very eyes.

Last modified: January 12, 2022