The global pandemic has catalysed the adoption of new technologies across all major industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined public expectations for what it means to be safe, and it has speeded up the acceptance as well as the adoption of public safety technology.

Technology has made sure that we remain connected, entertained and productive during the pandemic. In addition, we have observed the important way it has supported our public safety agencies as well as commercial industries in delivering their services while maintaining our safety.

Both citizens as well as public safety leaders are more ready than ever before to accept technology for public safety. An overwhelming 88% of citizens said they want to see public safety transformed through the usage of advanced technology such as video cameras, analytics, cloud-based software and more.

Intelligent Public Safety Unleashed

Digital disruption represents one of the biggest challenges to public safety agencies, however advances in digital technology are also creating some of the most innovative solutions.

Public safety agencies need to now police an entirely new virtual space. The volume of cybercrime now outstrips that of physical crime. Also, digital is increasing citizens’ expectations for quicker, more tailored services at a time in which agencies are facing budget cuts.

Agencies need to adopt a preventative approach in order to guarantee public safety. Data-driven insights will be central to this effort. If harnessed correctly, the enormous amount of data now generated can be utilised to assist with predicting and preventing criminal activity, while integrating digital technology into services can produce savings and drive value for the public.

Use Video To Increase The Pool Of Available Resources

Video streaming provides a means for police to tap expertise outside the law enforcement community. As opposed to having a behavioural health specialist respond directly, possibly putting that person at risk, officers on the scene are able to bring in such experts via video link. Through having them available via video, you still get their expertise, however you remove that threat.

Wider Adoption Of Cloud Technology

The cloud is assisting agencies with boosting their responsiveness as well as flexibility in addition to supporting decentralised and remote operations. Many have seen that cloud-based public safety technology, such as CommandCentral from Motorola Solutions, can offer more than computing and storage power. It also encompasses access to networking, databases and sophisticated analytics. Software-based cloud technology has the benefit of being more economical and is simpler to keep up to date as opposed to on-premises solutions.

Invest In Data Centre Modernisation

A modernised data centre allows for an alternative response by synthesising data from multiple feeds, including cellphones, on-scene video as well as social media feeds. However police departments will need to invest in order to realise that potential. Material support is specifically needed for the development of tools that integrate and convert data from a number of different sources into specific open formats.

The space between safety objectives and technology is closing rapidly in order to help public safety organisations increase engagement and trust, accelerate innovation and develop better solutions for the future.

Last modified: November 15, 2021