Our homes are our sanctuaries; they are where we go after a long day of work to relax and unwind. They’re also where we need to feel safe from the outside world, which is why we tend to have locks on the doors and windows to keep intruders out.

There’s nothing wrong with a basic lock and key but living in the modern age means that we have access to a wide range of different technologies that can drastically improve the overall security of our homes. Not every piece of security needs to be modern, but there are some gadgets that can make a palpable difference to how safe we are.

Wireless Home Surveillance

There are different levels of camera surveillance that can be installed at home. The classic type is having a few cameras that record to a computer or small server somewhere in the home. These tend to be a bit more expensive to implement as extra hardware is needed.

Modern camera surveillance, however, has changed dramatically, and it’s now possible to install cameras that connect directly to the wireless router. This means that video can be directly streamed from any room of the house to a smartphone in real time. When there is movement in the room, the app will make an alert and the relevant feed will be shown. This is an excellent way of keeping tabs of a house without having to constantly check the feeds.

Wireless Door Locks

This is perhaps one of the very first security upgrades to invest in, providing a way to lock doors without even having to get out of bed. But there are a lot of real, practical uses for being able to lock and unlock doors using a smartphone.

For instance, a person might go out to work and forget to lock their door on the way out – which then usually means just quickly tapping on a button through an app, and the door is locked. It can also be helpful to let guests in while not actually having to go all the way to the door to let them in manually, or while busy cooking, on the phone, or enjoying US PGA betting.

Smart Lights

Smart lights have a number of applications in a home. They can be used to save energy, turning themselves off at certain points of the day. It’s also possible to find smart lights that come with motion sensors. They will automatically trigger the light when anyone enters the room, making it impossible for any intruders to try and sneak through a dark room. These are a great option for people that aren’t comfortable with having cameras in each room, or simply can’t afford them.

Smart Doorbell

Another popular choice for the modern home is a smart doorbell. These are doorbells that often have cameras as well as speakers and microphones attached. When someone rings the bell, it automatically makes a connection to a smartphone app, allowing the homeowner to see who is at the front door, and to communicate with that person if they wish.

Last modified: January 16, 2023